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Romans 3:23-24

for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and are justified by his grace as a gift, through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus,

All is a funny word. It really doesn’t change no matter how much time passes. After 2000 years, all still means all. It means everyone. It means there is no exception. Yet somehow, we feel that we could be that exception. Like Mary Poppins, we think that we are “practically perfect in almost every way.” That is not the story of who we really are. We have striven for glory and we have fallen short.

When we understand this one concept, we understand the Gospel as truly Good News. The Gospel is just news unless it is news that you desperately need. There are few things more defeating on Christmas morning than you receive duplicate gifts. Both gifts are nice but what will you do with two of most things? What if someone buys you something you already have? It was nice of them but ultimately the gift was unnecessary.

The justification that we receive as a gift through Jesus is an amazing gift. It is not something we were born with. It is not a gift we could buy on our own. No parent or spouse can buy it for us. He justifies us through His work on the Cross. This means that even though I have strived and fallen short and my sin is laid out for all to see. He died and was risen so that He can act just as if I never sinned. That is amazing! Jesus chooses to not look on our failures. Instead, He looks upon His success.

The world always looks in disarray. We look around and feel our lack of control. The One that formed you with His hands is in complete control. Bask in the glow of the wonderful gift that He bought with His own life..

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