Welcome to Impact Community Church!  Thanks for taking the time to look through our website, and learn a bit more about Impact.  Our vision is simple, we want to be a church that has as much of an Impact for Jesus in our community as we can.  We believe that the message of Jesus’ love has the power to impact a person for eternity.

We do that by living out our values: Love, Connect, Grow, and Go.  These words represent the heart of our vision, and our plan for helping people grow spiritually. This plan comes straight from the Bible! We want to lead people into a LOVE relationship with Jesus and His church.  We believe this primarily begins through authentic and inspiring worship experiences.  Healthy disciples will be engaged in worship.  We want to help CONNECT people to God and each other.  This happens in the church through small group Bible study and ministry teams.  We call our small groups “Purpose Groups”, and encourage everyone to join one.  Healthy disciples are connecting with God together in small group Bible study.  We want to see people GROW in their faith and discipleship journey.  An unapologetic expectation for growth exists within our church vision.  We want to see people thrive spiritually throughout their life.  Finally, we exist to GO.  The gospel is good news for us, but it’s not “all about us.”  Healthy disciples will be engaged in service, “going” out into the community to share their faith by bringing hope and help to the world.

At Impact, people matter.  People matter to God, and people matter to us.  Your family matters, and we want to help you find a place to belong in the family of God.  You’ll find lots of ways to explore that journey on this website, and I encourage you to reach out and make a contact with myself or a member of our staff if we can serve you in any way.  I look forward to what God has in store for the future.  Thanks for being a part of it!